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We develop games for companies that value quality, speed and innovation.

Why Choose Us

Privacy Matters

Privacy is important! We don't share the info about our clients and their employees without their permission.


We worked with different companies to help them reach their goals.

Various Term Lengths

You can set the needed terms of cooperation, limit our partnership term lengths, select needed services.


Our specialists will do everything to make communication credible and effective. We work the way you prefere.

About Us

XXL Game Development Solutions Limited is a Game development company specializing in the creation of fun games for mobile phone devices and portable computers.
Drawing its pedigree from the Zeptolab Group ensures that innovation and quality remain the guiding principles in XXL’s work. Preserving the Group’s core values XXL is dedicated in working on new games with an aim to expand them beyond smartphone screens. Being part of an ambitious and growing global entertainment brand XXL is constantly working on new games and applications as well as developing new products in co-operation with the Group’s partners.
XXL’s plans include the release of a new game in the imminent future. For more information please contact us at: info@xxlgamedev.com


Following the tradition of the Group our autonomous project teams are the heart and soul of XXL. We see our people as an extension of XXL and the Group at large, sharing its values and dedicated to achieving innovation and quality at the highest standard for the benefit of the science of fun and, of ‘course, our end users.

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